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Theatre Centre empowers young leadership and youth activism through the arts, supporting and transforming children and young people to change the world by enriching their learning and leadership potential with theatre productions, creative projects and resources. Read more

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By Chino Odimba

Age advice: 13+

It’s 2019. The borders are closed. The camps are full. The smugglers are rich. His hands are as rough as the seas he has ... Read more

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Level Playing

Theatre Centre is developing an energetic cycle of artistic participation that will help Year 5 and 6 children to challenge gender stereotypes and to recognise gender discrimination. The project will be sparked by original writing created by primary school children - focused on documenting and exploring their experience of gender - and will culminate in an interactive performance. Read more

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Layla's Room

By Sabrina Mahfouz

For Layla, every day is a battleground. The pay gap, the thigh gap, over-sexed pop and selfies that are photoshopped – ... Read more

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Standpoint is a programme to develop young people’s visionary ideas, cultivate character and create leaders. Theatre Centre’s programme aims to equip young people from Year 9 upwards with the craft of writing and presenting political speeches, shaping their ideas about the world around them. Read more

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Rise Up

By Lisa Evans

Age advice: 13+

A new play from the writer and director of the Writers Guild of Great Britain Best New Play for Young Audiences 2011 The tide ... Read more

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The Fix

By Alex Bulmer

In December 2013 we announced that Theatre Centre and playwright Alex Bulmer had successfully applied to the BBC Performing Arts ... Read more

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