Theatre-Makers’ Studio

As we come towards the end of our six week Theatre-Makers’ Studio programme, we caught up with our Participation Producer Joe to chat about the sessions and some of his highlights

What have we been doing in the sessions?

Over the last 5 weeks, we’ve been working with director Matt Woodhead and a group of young theatre makers in Harrow to explore some of life’s big questions and create a series of monologues as creative responses. 

Each session normally starts with some sort of warm up game which has two main ingredients; gets everyone moving and gets everyone laughing. Last week’s session started with the infamous Zip Zap Boing which was a little rough on those who had just eaten before the session but got everyone ready to be creative. 

We have spent 5 sessions together as an ensemble and in that time we have gone from exploring provocations around what it means to be young in 2020, how we can make our voice heard, what home looks like, how we can ignite change, to creating original characters and writing monologues in response to these big questions. The theatre makers have been working with Matt (director) to link all the monologues and stories together to create a journey for an audience. To do this, we have been exploring the overlaps and crossovers in each other’s work by identifying moments when our stories connect or juxtapose. To find these moments the theatre makers have played a game where one performer starts delivering their monologue and at any moment another performer can interrupt and start sharing their monologue and so on. At first it can be a bit chaotic but we’ve discovered that when we really listen to each other and work together as an ensemble we find exciting new meanings or levels to our stories. 

What has been my highlight so far?

A real highlight for me has been to see a group of young theatre makers who didn’t know each other come into a space on 8 January and over time they have turned into a company of creatives encouraging and inspiring each other to try new things, create theatre, be silly and have fun.

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