Work Placements

We believe the arts is a fantastic industry to work in. We offer placement opportunities to students in key stage 4 up to Graduate level.

If you’d like to take part in a work placement at Theatre Centre’s London office or to hear more about our work placement method, get in touch to have a conversation.

We recently had the brilliant Lucy and Sydney on work placement with us bringing a whole lot of energy, ideas and superhero’s! We’ve loved every minute of having them at Theatre Centre HQ. But enough about us, here’s what they had to say about their time at our London office:

“Before I came to Theatre Centre, I only had one interpretation of who they were and what they did because they came to our school a couple of years ago and I had seen Layla’s Room which I really enjoyed, especially the discussion we had afterwards as it got me thinking. I did not properly know about absolutely every different angle of putting on a production, especially being made adaptable all over the country – I thought that it was just all about the acting, directing and designing (for costumes, lighting, sound and set). However, when I came to Theatre Centre for the first time, I then realised that none of the creative things would be possible without someone booking rental cars for the actors, creating adverts for the shows or making sure the company is getting sufficient funds from certain charities etc.  I have loved learning about every single aspect of the company including giving my input on the new design for the company and designing our own work placement booklets for businesses and companies to use in the future. I also loved how friendly and welcoming everyone has been, especially since this is my first work placement and was not sure what to expect. I really enjoyed watching the reading of  The Cupboard and also watching the #SpeakYourPeace monologues as they were really inspiring and really well presented. I am excited to perhaps see how The Cupboard  changes over time  and would love to come back to Theatre Centre one day when I am older.”

– Lucy

“Before I arrived at Theatre Centre, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Little did I know how much fun I would end up having in the next few months. During my time at Theatre Centre I have learnt so much and mentally developed in different ways. I am now informed on the different positions in the company, which have names I never knew the meaning to! Everyone here has been kind enough to teach me the ways of Theatre Centre, I found out about the objective which is to promote theatre for young people. I belive this is a truly important thing to be doing as I wouldn’t have found my passion if I hadn’t been exposed to theatre and performing from a young age. Theatre Centre brings shows to young people all over the country and I now know how they acheive this, because of the continued teaching recieved from Theatre Centres. A few years ago Theatre Centre performed a play called Layla’s Room which taught highly relevant topics of the time. I highly enjoyed watching this, the dicussions afterwards were very interesteing and useful to my continued studies in drama. A few weeks ago I was very lucky to be able to listen and watch the reading of The Cupboard, this was a great afternoon as I was surrounded by industry memebrs and ould experience a proffesional part of the theatre buisness. Another truly interesting part of my work experience was watching the #SpeakYourPeace monologues, I learnt about lots of new things such as the Greenham Common protest. By learning this new information I was able to incorporate my knowledge of it in my EPQ! My time at Theatre Centre has been so much fun, using creative ways such as drawing and graphic designing to explore certain subjects and many other aspects. Thank you for everything!”

– Sydney

Has this got you interested in doing a work placement with us? We offer placement opportunities throughout the year for students in KS4 to graduate level.  Get in touch with our Participation Producer Joe,  he’d love to chat to you about making it happen.

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