What are the Things We Need to Grow a Greener Future?

Want to know more about what happens in a Future Makers session? This week Future Maker Léana chats about her experience

During our recent Speakeasy we tried to answer the question “What are the Things We Need to Grow a Greener Future?” It was an amazing and pertinent session where everyone expressed their feelings and worries motivated  by our current harming and careless behaviour towards our Green Space. 

From this discussion, we all said that if we want to live and grow up in the most beautiful and pure space which surrounds usour Green Spaces, we need to learn how to respect and love nature. We figured out that education is the best solution to change our behaviours, in a way where everybody and nature itself benefit. 

This doesn’t just have to come from government but should also come from us as individuals. People might respond more if the guidance came from theatres or via social media which might result in more people changing their behaviour and becoming allies of our planet. 

We usually believe that our opinions are the most relevant ones, whereas the Speakeasy makes me realise that there is not one absolute fact about a topic but just people who express different opinions in regard to their different experiences:

Respect, Learn and Educate yourself with them and your perception of yourself and others will completely change – Léana 

We held a live tweet along for our Speakeasy talking about how we grow a greener future with invited guests Carrie Starbuck from Urban Growth and drama therapist Wabriya King. Missed it live? Catch up on the full thread here. 

Interested in becoming a Future Maker?

This season runs until 12th December and is for young people aged 14-19 living in Lewisham, Bromley, Croydon and Greenwich. Find out more and sign up here.

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