Word Up

Age Advice: A creative literacy resource for Key Stage 2

Word Up is a creative literacy resource for Key Stage 2, focused on bridging the gap between spelling, punctuation and grammar and creative writing.

The resource is comprised of two main parts:

  1. Bright Ideas: a box consisting of props, costumes, laminated resources and worksheets to be used in sessions.
  2. Site ideas: On this page, you will find video tutorials, fragments of recorded performance that can be used within the “active story building” activities, interviews with the playwright, interviews with teachers and children as well the Word Up Manual, which contains a breakdown of the activities and ways that the package can be used within the school.

We anticipate that this creative literacy package could be used in multiple ways within the school i.e.

  1. Literacy hour: to be used in literacy hour – possibly every day for two weeks as a targeted intervention.
  2. Intense activity: to be used within a standalone period of activity that could be run in enrichment weeks or at the launch of a topic (there will be suggested links for cross-curricular work)
  3. Small group work to boost progress: to function as an intervention that a Teaching Assistant could run, possibly with children that are below target in literacy.

Other Videos

"Normally I just write. This time we acted it out. It made you feel like you were an Egyptian…. (It was) more real and more interesting, so I could write it easier. The words were coming easier to my mind. I had more ideas. I could feel it."

Year 4 Pupil, St Michael at the Bowes

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