by David Holmon


Age Advice: 14 - 18

Why? was a play written for Theatre Centre by David Holman in 1981. It was presented to audiences of 14 to 18 year olds.

“Two nights ago, Dean Smith, the husband of my best mate, went berserk in his flat. He broke the arm of their three year old, little Pat, and the baby, well he nearly beat his little head in. And as far as I’m concerned that’s the top and bottom of what you want to know about Dean Smith.”

Dean Smith and his friend Jacko, with their girlfriends Michelle and Lill, start off as good-humoured and fun-loving teenagers. When Michelle and Dean get married and have their first child they face the problem of finding suitable accomodation. They eventually find a damp basement with shared kitchen and bathroom for £35 a week. Dean, who is working for company called Sheltered Dwellings in Hackney, feels frustrated as he realises that he is unlikely to get his own family decent accomodation. This causes arguments and frustration at home with Michelle as the stresses of being stuck in a basement with two small children begin to take their toll. Things take a turn for the worse when Dean finds himself having to tell Mrs. Gill that she will not be moving into her ‘little palace’ because the company has decided to sell off their flats to private buyers. As Dean drowns his sorrows with alcohol and returns home to Michelle, they argue and she leaves, having had enough of it all. The children are left with Dean.


Ian Blower
Chris Larner
Janice Mckenzie
Sonia Meller

Creative Team

Writer: David Holmon
: Geoff Bullen

The information on this page has been gathered from archive materials and is incomplete. Do you have more information about this play, or were you involved in its production? Let us know by leaving a comment below or contacting us.

A copy of the script is held in Theatre Centre’s archive.

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