What the Thunder Said

by Ed Harris


Age Advice: Age advice: 9-11 year olds

The whiteboard friendly ideas and activities on this page are designed to deepen the experience of the performance and engage children in further exploration, discussion and creative work; they have been created to develop understanding in the areas of PSHE, SEAL and Literacy.


  • The synopsis allows students to recap on the narrative of the play.
  • Pre-performance drama/literacy plans will prepare the children to see the performance. These sessions will gently encourage children to consider emotions surrounding the witnessing of violent behaviour, drawing upon a popular story.
  • Post performance resources extend the learning of the performance and encourage students to creatively explore the ideas of the play.

"It is hugely important to keep the ideas raised by the play alive, and to continue the conversation about violence with the children. Without talking about it and trying to understand it from the children’s point of view we have no chance of helping."

Dr Natasha Kirkham, Developmental Psychologist

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