TC Journal – For Teachers

About the TC journal 

Teachers, this journal is for young people aged 11+ to use on their own or as a whole class creative project. It’s a guided resource designed to give students a creative outlet to help make sense of all the change and uncertainly in their lives. 

Through the 13 Chapters, young people will be given the space to observe, reflect and respond to big topics and themes central to our current world. The TC Journal is easy to use and there are no wrong answers. This is your students’ space to push their imagination and be creative.  

How to Get Started 

Chapters can be completed in order or feel free to work though in any order that makes sense for your class. For more guidance on how to use these resources, check out the downloadable Teacher User Guide on this page.  


If your students or class would like to share their TC Journal creative responses publicly, they can either use the hashtag #MyTCJournal or email We’d love to celebrate their work in our digital collective scrapbook. 

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