The Isle Is Full of Noises


The Isle Is Full Of Noises’

Collaborations with Shakespeare

Professional writers and Young Apprentice writers explore 21st Century Britain in the context of Shakespeare, his language and world view.

  • Amber Lone in collaboration with young writers from Slough and East London wrote Romeo In The City
  • Young Apprentices from East London worked with Takbir Uddin to write ‘7/7 Olympic London’
  • Young writers from the Door (Birmingham), Contact (Manchester) and the Crucible (Sheffield) wrote sonnets to be performed as curtain-raisers for Romeo In The City
  • Oladipo Agboluaje wrote in collaboration with young people from Nos do Morro Theatre Co. Brazil and East London.  The relationship between Europe, West Africa and Brazil was viewed through the lens of Shakespeare.

The Isle Is Full Of Noises

Professional and Young Apprentice writers explored 21st Century Britain in the context of Shakespeare, his language and world view.  The Festival began at the Unicorn Theatre in collaboration with writers from East London and continued throughout the UK with writers from Birmingham, Sheffield and Manchester.

Festival Launch

Sonneteers: Sonnets from Shakespeare and young writers performed by professional actors.

DJ for a day Award Presentation: Oladipo Agboluaje presented the Award for the most creative response by a young writer to his play God is a DJ which is re-touring in the UK. Oladipo subsequently wrote a new version of The Tempest by Shakespeare in 2008 in collaboration with Nos do Morro Theatre Company, Brazil.

I Love You, Let’s Foot It

Young Apprentice writers from Morpeth and Oaklands secondary schools collaborated with Shakespeare and Bengali writer, Takbir Uddin, to create a contemporary play written in modern verse. A tale of the Olympics, terrorism and young love.

Shakespeare for the modern ear

Tim Crouch, renowned for his one-man shows, I Caliban, I Peaseblossom and I Banquo, took participants on a journey to discover Shakespeare in the 21st Century.

Sonnets in the City with Joseph Coelho

Performance poet and playwright Joseph Coelho led a workshop exploring rhyme, rhythm and the relationship of the poetry of today to the structure of Shakespeare.

Speaking a Sonnet with Noël Greig

Playwright and dramaturg Noël Greig explored the meaning of Shakespeare’s sonnets through physical work, rhythm and the musicality of the language.

Young Apprentice Writers: Rabea Begum, Euan Elliot, Nathan Hardy, Maya Haynes, Natalie Jibeili, Rami Khurchid, Lisa King, Tina Miao, Sapphire Walker, Nadira Begum, Rimmi Begum, Najiah Yasmin, Ibrahim Zaman.

"The Theatre Centre Festival at the Unicorn is a beautiful example of creative and lateral thinking - putting actors together with writers together with poets together with directors together with young people together with audiences together with theatre!"

Tim Crouch - Playwright/Performer

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