The Border

by Afsaneh Gray

Booking now for touring Autumn 2019


Life is turned upside down in one small town as East Oolia shuts the border with West Oolia, dividing here from there, us from them, this from that despite all the fruit tasting the same.  In the midst of it all, Stranger, a young girl’s beloved dog, has gone missing.  Will Stranger be found before the border closes, or will she be trapped forever on the “wrong” side?

With rumours of dog theft and whispers of runaway immigration, how far will the mayor dare to go in her fight for re-election? Does the refugee boy hold the clue to Stranger’s disappearance?  As the bickering and bartering over boundaries moves into the eleventh hour, will one young girl change the course of history in her quest to find her dog?

The Border is a high energy, outrageous Brechtian parable from Theatre Centre that explores the lines we draw between ourselves and other people and the absurdities of borders. The Border will feature original songs and a live break-out debate where one girl, her dog and the audience find their voice – and their bark.


Reasons to book

  • Directly links to study of Brecht and Epic Theatre in the GCSE Drama curriculum.
  • An opportunity for GCSE Drama students to fulfil their live Theatre Production evaluation and review.
  • Offers strong links to PSHE and Citizenship curriculum including human rights, diversity and living in the wider world.
  • Develop your students’ storytelling and staging and analytical skills by watching a live professional performance and workshop
  • Facilitates a compelling, relevant and accessible discussion around borders, community and current changing political and social landscapes.
  • Written by one of the UK’s new writing talents, currently also working with The Unicorn and Bush Theatre.
  • Quality assured by Theatre Centre’s 65 years of experience in producing plays for schools’ touring.
  • Theatre Centre is an Arts Award Supporter and Artsmark Partner, and our productions are suitable for students working towards all levels of Arts Award.

The Border will be visiting schools and venues September – November 2019. To book the production for your school or venue email

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