TC Journal

The TC Journal 

Journal (noun) a record of what you have done, or of descriptions or thoughts, written each day or frequently over a long period. 

The TC Journal is for you to document your feelings and thoughts during the Covid-19 outbreak. We have released 6 chapters with suggested activities for you to use at your own speed. We’ll be highlighting one chapter each week on our Instagram, and you’re welcome join us on that journey.

If you want to share your creative work with us, email us or use the hashtag #MyTCJournal. We’ll be sharing some of the work in our digital collective scrapbook.


This is your space. One minute you’re at school and the next – ‘Lockdown’ – you’re passing time with your nearest and dearest at home. Crazy, right? There’s still a whole lot of living going on from your living room and stories to tell from your sofa. We hope you will use this Journal to record your feelings, what you’re up to and how you and your friends are keeping in touch. Draw, write, dance, sing. It’s up to you. 

How to use  

For Activity 1 and 2 you will need something to write with, something to write on and a space to think. For Activity 3, if you want a change from writing, you can mix it up a bit and try drawing, recording or a song or a dance – whatever you like. 


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