Rigged – Education

2009 - 2010

There were a number of workshops delivered to young people  alongside the performance of Rigged, but the focus of our engagement was a residency with the University of East London.

This residency revolved around working with teacher trainees to develop their understanding of how live theatre can be used in the curriculum.

The workshops touched upon techniques to further explore the themes and issues of the production. It also looked at ways of using the performance as a spring board for debate, creative writing, drama activities and possibilies in other medias and subjects.

The workshops involved Theatre Centre’s Artistic Director, Schools Producer, the cast and a Q&A with the author of Rigged Ashmeed Sohoye.

"It really made me think about the purpose of live theatre at school. This would be far more beneficial than taking pupils to a large-scale production. It would be a pleasure to include this in my teaching."

Trainee teacher

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