Relationships and Sex Education Resources

RSE Day is an annual celebration of excellent Relationships and Sex Education that informs and builds confidence of children and young people about healthy relationships and positive sexual health. 

Theatre Centre has a catalogue of resources designed to help teachers and young people engage in ageappropriate conversations in a creative and inclusive way, offering tools and techniques including third person scenarios, to make tricky conversations easier and more constructive for teachers and young people 


Virtual Gathering

With the introduction of compulsory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in to the curriculum we wanted to bring together teachers, sex education experts and artists to discuss how we might teach the subject in an open and engaging way, helping to enrich the educational experience for young people.  

This was an opportunity for teachers, senior leaders and PSHE subject staff to join a conversation around creative approaches to RSE, and leave with useful techniques to use in the class room.

Guest Speakers:  

  • Amelia Jenkinson, CEO, Sexplain 
  • Charlotte Josephine, Writer & Actor 
  • Andy Stainton, Head Teacher, Mill Hill County High School 
  • Xana, Sound Designer & Composer 

Download speakers biographies here.

Birds and Bees Digital Package

In response to the introduction of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) teaching to the curriculum, we have created Charlie Josephine’s new play, Birds and Bees, touring to schools in Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021 terms.  

Birds and Bees also has strong links to the wider Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) Curriculum including Health, Wellbeing and Relationships. It is accompanied by a free copy of the script, learning resources, 18 lesson plans (6 each for RSE, Drama, English), video Q&As with creatives and an optional free post-show discussion.  

I want to embrace the messy nuances and present some sticky questions about sex education.  I don’t have all the answers. I can ask some of the questions, in a theatrical way that excites and empowers an audience of young people.

Charlie Josephine, writer 

Click here to find out more about Birds and Bees.


SWITCHED ON provides teachers with all they need for exciting, engaging lessons in PSHE. With a short professional radio play at the centre of each scheme of work, realistic third-person scenarios are used to drive forward learning on sensitive topics such as consent and mental health. 

“Easy to use resources which had ALL the students engaged! When entering the classroom they were eager to hear the radio plays- a unique starting point I haven’t seen before! The students could also relate to the characters and the speech they used which helped them understand the subjects in more depth without realising- with many of them saying they actually had fun!”

Customer Review, Teacher of PSHE. 

Click here for more information about SWITCHED ON.

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