Online Writing Course Q&A

Writers Chino Odimba, Matilda Ibini, Charlotte Josephine, Keith Jarrett, Leo Skilbeck, Nessah Muthy, Frazer Flintham, Natasha Sutton-Williams ask each other questions.

*Questions* Where do you get your inspiration to write from? [00:55]

How do you know which of your ideas to pursue? [03:43]

What is the most helpful lesson you have learnt about writing? [07:30]

Why are writers important? [14:19]

When you get an idea should you write about it straight away or hold onto it and plan your approach? [20:45]

What tips do you have for editing your writing? [26:26]

How long should scene be? [30:40]

How political is the act of writing? [32:07]

If you weren’t a writer what profession would you be? [38:57]

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