Little Violet And The Angel

by Philiip Osment


Age Advice: 8+

You didn’t know angels could get a cold did you?!

It’s not easy being a guardian angel. Gabriel has to keep warm, practice his flying and his harp – and most importantly he must learn to look after people. Now Gabriel has been given his first special task. He must help baby Victoria.

He must look after a baby through a star-spangled universe, over mountains and through forests to a faraway, snow land. But what exactly is a baby? Who are the unhappy couple who must learn to lover her? And why can only children see angels?

Creative Team

Writer & Director: Phillip Osment
Cast: Chris Buckingham, Etela Pardo, David Plimmer
Pupeteers: Aneta Forna-Christu, Avital Dvory
Musician: Liviu Manolache
Company & Stage Manager: Marijke Zwart
Deputy Stage Manager:  Graham Micheal
Assistant Stage Manager: Amy Howden
Artistic Collaborator: Sue Buckmaster
Designer: Carmencita Brojboiu
Lighting Designer: Ian Scot
Composer: Liviu Manolache
Production Manager: Sarah Milroy
Technical Manager: Gareth Baston
Sound and Re-Lights: Steven Seymour
Costume Supervisor: Deryn Tudor
Dramaturg: Lin Coghlan
Education & Voice Advice: Bernadette O’Brien
Graphic Design: Ian Lanyon
Marketing: Katie Manuel
Set Build: Set-up (Scenery) Ltd
Transportation: Southern Van Lines

"A wonderful interlude in my busy life. I loved every minute of it."

Adult audience member

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