Listen To Your Parents

by Benjamin Zephaniah


Age Advice: 14+

Listen to your parents follows Mark, would be poet and professional footballer, through the week prior to his big chance – a try out at Villa Park! Mark’s lyrics paint vivid pictures and pose provocatice questions: Why does Maria Shah taste of backed beans? Why do preachers shout when Jesus was so relaxed and chilled? Why does Dad hit Mum so hard that you can see her bruises in the dark? As the days pass, Mark’s dreams seem ever harder to grasp.

Creative Team

Writer: Benjamin Zephaniah
Director: Paul Medford
Cast: Julie Hewlet, Kevin Neil, Mark Nicolson, Richard Sumitro
Desginer: Jane Linz Roberts
Lighting Designer: Nick Richings
Fight Direction: Nicholas Hall
Accent Advice: Jan Haydn Rowles
Voice Consultant & Casting: Bernadette O’Brien
Casting: Sooki McShane
Dramaturgical Support: Esther Richardson
Production Manager: Nicky Hudswell
Set Builders:  Nottingham Playhouse
Education Resources: Michael Judge, Allie Spencer

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