ImagiNation Plays

Here are your plays. Explore and download all the ImagiNation stories below 

You can browse the full selection or use the tags to look for something more specific. To find out more about the writers and to download the play click on the ‘read more’ button.  

Find one that is just right for you and think about how you might perform it. In most cases, the writers have given you some ideas and clues in the ways to perform their stories – be bold and see what you come up with.  

Don’t forget that reading a script is a bit different to reading a book. When it’s written, a book is finished but a script is still waiting for the actors to perform it and bring it to life. We suggest reading the script out loud so you hear what it sounds like. Want to get some top tips from professionals? then watch our How To…series – the link is at the bottom of the page. Not sure which play is right for you? Explore the tags below or checkout our easy access play matrix here.

Download ALL 19 plays in one document here.

The Apple Pickers

by Nicholas McQuillan.

A son away from home and a worried mother. A story of belonging and survival.

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by Chinonyerem Odimba.

When noisy neighbours become a surpising comfort.

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The Pillow Whisperers

by Matilda Ibini.

PJ and SILKY are broadcasting live on their internet radio show – but who is listening?

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The Great Big Green Ham

by Nessah Muthy.

Have you met The Great Big Green Ham? If not, why not?

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Gasp. Exhale.

by Bethan Marlow.

Slime, home schooling, wine and the pressure of being the perfect parent.

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A Three Year Old in Lockdown

by Asif Khan.

Step inside the glorious mind of a 3 year old during lockdown.

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by Alex Critoph.

Mother Nature is holed up in a cottage listening to Lizzo; and she needs to get something off her chest.

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Chinese Takeaways

by Amy Ng.

Three friends face up to the real monster the virus has created.

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by Ryan Calais Cameron.

Dating is hard at the best of times; try it while in lockdown.

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Chinny Chin Chin

by Leo Skilbeck.

A family favourite fairytale for a lockdown era.

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by Roy Williams OBE.

All Jerry wants is to keep the general public two meters apart.

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by Geraldine Lang.

Stuck in a cupboard hiding from the kids while singing karaoke – all in a day’s work.

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Human Again

by Lettie Precious.

A reflection on missing the chaos of the outside world.

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by Zinnie Harris.

Two women, family and an unlikely friendship.

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All Noise

by Julie Tsang.

When trying to care for your family in lockdown becomes one big noise.

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Being Human

by Timberlake Wertenbaker.

It’s easy being a human right? A bee tries to find out.

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Tactile Nature

by Daniel Ward.

A poetic tribute to the sacrifices of nature.

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Long Distance Call

by Eoin McAndrew.

When reality is too hard to face, fantasy is the only option.

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Up in your head

by Jon Brittain.

All the things you have thought of while in lockdown and more.

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