ImagiNation FAQ’s

What is ImagiNation? 

ImagiNation is for you.  19 of the UK’s most exciting writers have written a collection of stories for the nation, exploring humanity and the unprecedented circumstances  we are currently living in.  Now it’s over to you to perform and record them. Individuals, families, flatmates, friends, strangers, school groups, care homes, youth theatres, anyone; we want to see what you will do with them. 

I know someone who doesn’t have internet access, how do they get involved? 

We can post individual  scripts or the whole collection to any UK address. We can also help with uploading videos that you have recorded on your phone. If you don’t have any way of recording yourself, drop us a line or call us and we will do our best to help. The easiest way for people to get in touch with us is via phone 0203 976 1667 (this will divert to a mobile phone) or email us on

I have never acted before; will that be a problem?  

You don’t have to have any acting experience. We just want you to have fun telling a story. We have created a series of ‘How to…’ to give you some tips from top professionals. Watch them all here. If you are an actor or director, then why not get your family and friends involved and record your play in the front room.  

Do I have to perform the whole play?  

No. If you want to perform and record one line or a paragraph then that is great. Of course, if you want to perform the whole play then that is also great.  

What will you do with my video?  

When you upload your video to us we will store it on our secure server. We want to use every video that is submitted to us, whether that be as part of the final films of the play, as part of the trailer for ImagiNation or as part of our ImagiNation Festival which will be hosted on YouTube.  

When is the deadline for me to upload my video?  

6pm, Monday 20th July is the deadline if you want to have a chance of your video being part of the final ImagiNation films. However, you are welcome to keep uploading videos past this deadline and we will showcase them on our YouTube Channel.  

How do I choose which script to perform?  

We have made sure there is a wide variety of stories, some are suitable for families, some for under 16’s, some for large groups and some for people on their own. On the front of each script it will tell you which group the script is suitable for and you’ll also find a quick reference chart that should help you narrow down your choice. The scripts are all very short so you could always read them all and choose!

How will you choose which videos go into the final film?  

We want to include as many videos in the final ImagiNation films as possible, in part or in full. However, we are aware that we will unlikely be able to include everyone’s. This is all about including people of all ages from across the nation and we will look for videos that capture that spirit. We want to include as many voices as we can, from as many places as possible. 

If you have any further questions or want to get in touch then please email or call 0203 976 1667

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