How to…

So, you have chosen your script and are preparing to make your film. We have brought together a bunch of the best actors and directors to give you their tips and advice on how to make the best film you can.   

How To… Act – Part One 

Seven brilliant actors give you their top tips about how to perform your ImagiNation play.  

Actors: Youssef Kerkour, Eloise Secker, Natalie Dew, Adjoa Andoh, Ian Bonar, Tom McCall, Thomas Pickles. Filmed in lockdown.



How To… Act – Part Two 

Seven brilliant actors give you their top tips about how to perform your ImagiNation play.  

Actors: Natalie Blair, Rebekah Murrell, Dawn Sievewright, Miles Mitchell, Lisa Bridge, Adjoa Andoh, Simon Startin.  Filmed in lockdown.



How To… Direct with Tian Brown-Sampson 

Theatre Director Tian Brown-Sampson takes you through her top tips for directing your ImagiNation play.  Filmed in lockdown.



How To… Film with Moses Ssebandeke 

Film Director Moses Ssebandeke takes you through his top tips for filming your ImagiNation play. Filmed in lockdown.



How To… Use Your Voice with Gary Horner 

Voice Coach Gary Horner takes you through his three top tips for using your voice when performing your ImagiNation play. Filmed in lockdown.



How to…Film with Children

Language and Performing Arts Teacher, Tian Brown-Sampson, takes you through our five-step process on how to work with children when doing an ImagiNation play as part of a school project or as a family activity.


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