Future Makers

For the game changers.

The rule breakers.

The future makers.

Future Makers activities run all year and provide young people, artists, and teachers with opportunities and space to learn, explore, share, and connect.  

Future Makers is for young people (14-19) living in or going to school or college in Lewisham.  

Upcoming Sessions

Check out our upcoming Future Makers sessions below and book your free place today!  

How can schools better educate young people on boundaries and their rights so they feel empowered to take agency? 

Wednesday 14 April, 6pm – 7:30pm | on Zoom

Do you ever feel that there are certain things that you should be taught in school?

Well, you’re not alone. Join us for an evening on Zoom to eat together and discuss big topics with Dramatherapist Wabriya King and Teacher Sasha Giles. Together, we’ll unpack our big question: “How can schools better educate young people on boundaries and their rights so they feel empowered to take agency?”

Everyone is welcome – whether you already have an opinion, or you’re interested in hearing a new viewpoint. Our Speakeasy is a great space to meet new people, take part in interesting discussions, and enjoy some free food.

No experience required, just your enthusiasm.


Uncomfortable Truths

Thursday 15 & Friday 16 April, 10am – 3pm | on Zoom

Do you feel as though that there are certain things that are still taboo to talk about? Topics which are frowned upon once brought up in conversations. Conversations that get shut down immediately?  

Just because we don’t talk about them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 

In this Incubator session, you will be collaborating with Future Maker artists – writer Nina Segal and sound designer Tony Gayle, spoken word artist Tyreke Leslie and director Julia Head. Using the artwork of Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski as stimulus, groups will work out their creative response to globally important social, political, and economic issues.

You’ll meet new people and create bold new work!

No experience required, just your enthusiasm.  


About the Seasons 

Future Makers seasons are totally free and are made up of Masterclasses, Incubators, Speakeasies, Gatherings as well as CPD’s for teachers.

Learn new skills and develop your artistic toolkit

In depth collaboration with professional artists 

Eat together and discuss big topics with invited guests 

Come together to share work and connect with each other

CPD for Drama, English & PSHE teachers, supporting creative approaches at the heart of your practice.

Have questions? Say hello and get in touch with Joseph at joseph@theatre-centre.co.uk 

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