Future Makers

For the game changers.

The rule breakers.

The future makers.


Future Makers activities run all year and provide young people, artists, and teachers with opportunities and space to learn, explore, share, and connect.  

Future Makers aims to radically change the way of working between young people, artists and teachers, allowing for complicated conversations to happen, maybe revolutions to start, and even a show or two to be made. Young people, artists and teachers will work together as peers to develop skills and share big ideas.  

Future Makers is for young people living in or going to school or college in Lewisham.  

About the Seasons 

Future Makers seasons are totally free and are made up of Masterclasses, Incubators, Speakeasies and Gatherings.  

Learn new skills and develop your artistic toolkit

In depth collaboration with professional artists 

Eat together and discuss big topics with invited guests 

Come together to share work and connect with each other

Season 1 of Future Makers has now ended and we are really excited to be developing season 2. We’re looking for four Youth Communities Ambassadors to join our team to develop the next season, as well as bring their local knowledge together with  ideas for reaching young people and getting them excited about becoming a Future Maker. Find out more about this role here.

Have questions? Say hello and get in touch with Joseph at joseph@theatre-centre.co.uk 

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