Dee’s Dream

by David Johnston


Dee’s Dream is a play written for Theatre Centre by David Johnston in 1979. Unfortunately the age group it was written for is currently unknown.

Dee is a young girl who is oppressed by the men in her family. She is expected to cook, clean and do all the jobs men don’t want to do. They even expect her to play games that ‘girls’ would play. God forbid she ever wanted to play the role of a cowgirl or any strong female character! It would be embarrassing for her Dad. The gender inequality runs right through her family, and can be seen in the media around her time too. Her friend Jenny however, protests and tells Dee her family never expect her to do things she doesn’t want to do. After seeing the difference between her family and Jenny’s family, she decides it’s unfair and something she has to change. While left on the beach to make sandwiches, Dee has a dream, about a popular TV show called Punch & Judy. In this TV show, Punch is famously sexist and abusive towards his wife Judy. Dee makes it her mission to change this and help Judy have a stronger role. She shares this dream with her dad in the hope of helping him see that she’s not a fragile person, but a strong woman capable of achieving anything on her own.




Karena Francis
Carole Hart
Colin Healey
Kevin Lewis

Creative Team

Writer: David Johnston
Director: David Johnston

The information on this page has been gathered from archive materials and is incomplete. Do you have more information about this play, or were you involved in its production? Let us know by leaving a comment below or contacting us.

A copy of the script is held in Theatre Centre’s archive.

"Well that's the way they always are. They expect me to be delicate because I'm a girl. I keep telling Dad that I'm quite capable of doing the same things as my brother, but he just doesn't agree. I think boys and girls should be treated equally, don't you"


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