Birds and Bees

Written by Charlie Josephine

“Click, swipe, hardcore fornication, with no explanation, no honest communication? Stiff upper lip British embarrassment blushing and bumbling through the birds and the bees.” 

Click and it’s gone – too far, too fast. Explicit photos go public, real-world consequences of virtual life go viral and so does everyone’s opinion.

Leilah is wondering if her Instagram is more of a burden than ‘living her best life’. Billy’s queer and proud but ignored by the education system; they’re tired of feeling invisible. Aarron is learning how to be a man online and it’s starting to feel toxic. And Maisy, well Maisy’s not that into sex, thank you very much.

Thrown together, these four confront their differences and realise their power to make change.

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A Theatre Centre & Sheffield Theatre Co-Production

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