Fellowship First Draft tips

We asked our fellowship writer’s for their best writing tip/ exercise/ way to you get started with an idea.

Leo J. Skilbeck

Make yourself a playlist which feels like it speaks to the world of the show/play/project – if you’re working with a group build this together, you can add to this throughout the project as you hone in, and use it as inspiration if you get stuck. Pick a track and write write write for the duration of that track to kick start your writing. In general – it’s not your life’s work. Trust yourself, get it down and edit later.

Charlotte Josephine

Just get it on the page. Give yourself permission to write a truly awful first draft. A proper clanger. Then you can tidy it up later or get the felt tip pens out. It’s all much less scary when stuck on the wall and scribbled all over with bright colours

Nessah Muthy

Before doing your first proper “first draft” factor time into your writing schedule to do a “vomit draft.” – a fearless, non-pressured, totally freeing script. Allow yourself to be rough, raw and even rubbish. You will find gems and you will be doing the most important thing a writer needs to do – writing!

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