Epic Theatre

Our new play The Border is an outrageous Brechtian parable that explores the lines we draw between ourselves and other people.

Expect humour, brand new songs and a dog called Stranger that isn’t actually a Stranger!  But what does a Brechtain parable actually mean? With development of The Border in full swing, we’re going to take you through some of the key elements of Brechtian theatre, starting with…Epic Theatre.

  • Epic theatre, unlike dramatic theatre, doesn’t demand empathy from the audience.
  • Epic theatre presents an argument, a clear political statement, and asks the audience to remain objective, to reflect on the play’s arguments and draw conclusions.
  • Epic theatre breaks the fourth wall as a way to distance the audience from emotionally investing in the characters on stage.

Want to read more about epic theatre? Check out our list of recommended reading:

Brecht: A Practical Handbook by David Zoob

Epic Theatre: Theary and Practise by Edward Monroe Greenberg

Brecht on Theatre by Bertolt Brecht

Like what you read? Downloadable learning resources for The Border will be available on our website from August. You can browse our full archive of resources here

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