Switched ON – PSHE Resources to inspire and engage students

Teachers, are you planning your PSHE sessions? Looking for current and relevant resources? With compulsory SRE approaching, we’re as keen as you to see PSHE become an essential part of education, whilst making it as simple as possible for you to deliver. Switched On, our series of PSHE toolkits, is designed to help teachers provide successful and engaging lessons at an affordable price.  Topics in the series include Mental Health, SRE (Consent), Online Safety and Financial Literacy.

Providing a framework for sensitive discussion, the lesson plans guide students to explore their own solutions to some of life’s harder questions in a safe and responsible way. Our acclaimed Switched ON PSHE teaching toolkits, each centering around a newly commissioned audio play, can be purchased for £49.99 each.

“A powerful resource which stimulated student engagement with a challenging topic. The audio play was relevant and felt like a real enough situation for the students to use as a vehicle for discussing the important topics.”

– Joey Glover, Head of Additional Educational Needs, William Ellis School

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