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"I brought a group of Year 11 drama students, and for the purposes of a 2000 word essay it was perfect: it totally engaged them, there is loads for them to write about, the themes are very relevant and strong and the performances were excellent."

Audience member / Teacher

  • We offer carefully planned and relevant post-show workshops

We consult with drama teachers already familiar with our work in order to make sure that our workshops provide an enriching and meaningful extension to our performances. These sessions are focused on delivering a specific skill or technique demonstrated in the performance, or used in the development/rehearsal process and are led by the actors. 

  • We can accommodate individual classes or whole year groups

We have an upper limit of 120 places in the audience and they can be filled by one class, two classes or - depending on the size of your school - a whole year group. If you have a raked seating bank then this upper limit can be extended - we just want to make sure that every student has a good view. 

  • We provide a challenging learning experience with relevance to the curriculum 

Each play we produce is a rich resource for exploring the world, shedding new light on challenging and complex issues and providing a holistic learning experience for young people. 

This year, with Twist, there are a multitude of links to the curriculum in a number of subject areas, including Drama, Geography and PSHE. 

  • We work with the very best of new writing talent

We work with established playwrights and fresh writing talent - bringing theatre industry expertise directly to young audiences. Recent writers include Roy Williams OBE, Oladipo Agboluaje, Lisa Evans, Benjamin Zephaniah, Jesse Briton, Naomi Cortes, Paula B Stanic and Brendan Murray.

  • We have got sixty years of experience behind us

In the 1950s, we were one of the first companies to start making and touring child-centred theatre into schools. In the 1960s, we received our first Arts Council grant. In the 1970s, we dived into the changes sweeping across the UK - our work reflecting the social and political upheaval of the times. In the 1980s, we introduced our integrated casting policy and launched one of the countries’ first Women’s company. In the 1990s, we focused on boosting the quality of our production values to match the quality of our writing.

At the start of the 21 st century, we continued to produce outstanding new writing for young audiences across the country, in both primary and secondary schools. Since 2010, we have become a National Portfolio Organisation, thus continuing to receive core funding from the Arts Council and the only NPO to be touring original plays across the UK for young people aged 4-18.