Two Performances and a workshop

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UK National Schools Tour: 14 September to 24 November 2017  

Age Advice: 13+

Package Details

Performance Package 4 will allow the students to explore the performance in more detail, to enrich their theatrical experience. This package includes:

2 x performances
1 hour workshop (30 students)
1 x  script
2 x 'post show revolution' with the actors
Online learning resources

Performance Package 4: £1175 plus VAT

Workshop Details

The accompanying workshop for Twist will focus on a specific acting technique/skill that has been key within the rehearsal process and will be delivered by the actors. Details finalised in September 2017.

Technical Details: 

Space: We need an acting space of 5m x 5m.
Seating: To be provided by the school, preferably on three sides or raked seating end on.
Get in / Get Out: Access to the performance space required 90mins prior to the show and 45mins afterwards to pack up.
Performance Length: 60mins (no interval).
Audience Size: Approx. 120 students per show (negotiable if seating is raked).
Payment: By invoice.

For more details or to book the show in to your school call 020 7729 3066 or email