The Unlikely Tales of Molly Moonshine

by Brendan Murray

Age advice: 4+

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Molly video | Curriculum

"It was very funny... when are you coming back again to make a play for us?"

Audience member, aged 5

"Brendan Murray doesn't miss a trick."

The Stage

The Unlikely Tales of Molly Moonshine is a play written for Theatre Centre by Brendan Murray in 2011. This play toured to audiences aged 4+ in venues, schools and libraries. 

Meet Molly Moonshine, lady traveller and unreliable raconteuse. You will never believe half what she tells you, and with good reason as her tales are some of the tallest you will ever hear! But don't worry about that: just sit back and enjoy the fun as she dries her smalls and waxes lyrical about everything and nothing and plenty in between.

Creative Team

Writer: Brendan Murray
Director: Lawrence Evans
Designer: Sophia Lovell Smith
Cast: Fiona Bruce
Company Stage Manager: Annette Waldie
Composer: Darryl Goodwin
Dialect Coach: Jonathan Dawes
Photographer: Robert Workman

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