The Day the Waters Came

by Lisa Evans

2010 - 2012
Age advice: 13+

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"Anyone interested in clear, incisive, drama should see it. Anyone that is prepared to be empowered, shocked and touched."

Reviews Gate

"The heartbeat of the play is the heartbeat of the individual."

Audience member, Unicorn Theatre

The Day the Waters Came by Lisa Evans was first commissioned and produced by Theatre Centre in 2010. The production toured secondary schools and venues in the autumn of that year and went on to tour twice more, each time with a different cast: once in the spring of 2011 and again in the autumn of 2012.

It’s summer 2005. Maya Marsalis takes you by the hand, sometimes by the throat, and leads you through her landscape the day Hurricane Katrina came, the levées broke, the world watched and the US Government did nothing. Go with her, as she shows you how her world and that of thousands of black American citizens changed forever, the day the waters came.

The Day the Waters Came portrayed an event which shook up and reshaped America. The play celebrated unlikely heroes and the resilience of the human spirit whilst mourning lost friends and lost faith. The production drew inspiration from YouTube,web-surfing and ancient theatre.

The play won the Writers' Guild Best Play for Young Audiences Award 2011.


2010: Amber Cameron, Darlene Charles, Shane Frater and Uriah Manning
2011: David Bonnick Jr,  Lynsey Murrell, Sapphire Joy and Toyin Omari-Kinch
2012: Adrian Decosta, Naomi Ackie, Nathan Medina and Teri Ann Bobb-Baxter

Creative Team

Writer: Lisa Evans
Dramaturg: Gwenda Hughes
Director: Natalie Wilson
Associate Director: Lawrence Evans
Designer: Jean Chan
Sound Designer/Composer: Dan Steele
Lighting Designer: Aideen Malone
Voice Consultant: Claudette Williams
Choreographer: Alesandra Seutin
Voice Consultant: Claudette Williams
Production Manager (2010 & 2011): Alice-Jane Lingwood
Production Manager / CSM (2011): Mark Lovell
CSM (2010): Pete Foster
CSM (2011): Pete Herbert

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User comments (19)

  • Really enjoyed this play when it came to my school. It gave a great insight into the lives of those caught up in the disaster, and really opened my eyes to the suffering that pure human nature can cause when panicked. Very enjoyable I would recomment this to anyone!

    Comment left by: Jonathan Dyke - 15.01.2013 20:05

  • Hi Max - thanks for your message. Check out the resources section of this website (under education). That might help.

    Comment left by: Sarah @ Theatre Centre - 20.11.2012 09:14

  • Can you give me some info that would be useful for my drama essay next week?

    Comment left by: Max Power - 19.11.2012 18:21

  • This show was so coolies, cant believe how groovy all the characters were. so funky, if you havent heard of it believe the hype, this show rocks!!!!!!!

    Comment left by: Benjamin Leahy - 19.11.2012 12:23

  • This play was MEGA EPIC i wish to see it again, Nathan is my favourite.

    Comment left by: Daniel Robinson - 19.11.2012 12:09

  • I loved your play when you came to Burnt Mill Academy thanks for a great time :)

    Comment left by: Rebecca Wicks - 19.11.2012 11:39

  • This play was too awesome, I hope I can see it again. I'd just like to say to Nathan: you were brilliant.

    Comment left by: Declan Nwachukwu - 07.11.2012 13:06

  • Hey , I watched this amazing performance last week for my theatre review essay. I would just like to know a key moment that the actors wanted to create?

    Comment left by: DD - 05.11.2012 21:38

  • Hi Vardaan - As you know the actors play multiple roles so it's split like this:
    Actor 1 - Adrian Decosta (Mr Freeman, Ernesto etc)
    Actor 2 - Nathan Medina (Dr, Mr Leblanc etc)
    Actor 3 - Naomi Ackie (Maya)
    Actor 4 - Teri Ann Bobb-Baxter (Camille, mum etc)
    I've put a couple of characters in that you might find useful. Good luck with your essay.

    Comment left by: Sarah @ Theatre Centre - 05.11.2012 15:00

  • One more question, I have the names of the actors for my essay but i would like to know the roles of the characters and who played who. Thanks:)

    Comment left by: Vardaan Mehra - 05.11.2012 13:50

  • The play was very fun and educating, it brought a few tears to alot of peoples eyes and was very well thought out x

    Comment left by: Taegan - 01.11.2012 19:32

  • the play was very fun and educating , it brought a few tears to alot of peoples eyes x

    Comment left by: taegan - 01.11.2012 19:27

  • Shan and Vardaan

    Thank you for your questions. I'll ask the actors to give us an insight in to how they learn their lines and create their characters and I'll post their answers on here.

    In terms of accents we use a vocal coach during rehearsals to make sure that they are authentic. Her details are in the creative team list above.

    I hope that helps!


    Comment left by: Sarah @ Theatre Centre - 31.10.2012 09:43

  • This performance was the best one i have ever seen, i'm doing homework on it and i have to say its fun! And I never thought I would say that about homework. Thanks guys for an amazing performance hope to see you again!

    Comment left by: Abi Houchin - 30.10.2012 19:28

  • Your play was amazing. I just had a few questions. Who. Was Maya's friend and was she played by Teri Ann bob baker? Also how did you get a perfect southern accent for the play? Also how did Naomi ackie use vocal. And physical skills to establish her character in the play.

    In other words your play was great. I would just like some answers to my questions. Great play guys!!!!! :):):) : D

    Comment left by: Vardaan Mehra - 30.10.2012 14:07

  • How did u remeber ur lines?

    Comment left by: Shan - 27.10.2012 12:25

  • This play was good! The acting was epic!

    Comment left by: Jonathan Ross - 24.10.2012 23:00

  • This play was amazing! it felt so real!
    I'd like to say a massive thank you on behalf of The Woodroffe School for coming and performing The Day the Waters Came.
    You should be really proud.

    Comment left by: Chey-anne - 20.10.2012 10:36

  • This play was amazing!!!! thanks guys!!!

    Comment left by: Bob - 16.10.2012 13:05

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