by Leo Butler

2002 - 2003
Age advice: +14

In a counrty torn by war, two young prisoners escape from a POW camp. Chased by the enemy they steal a car and head for paradise. Captured by a lone soldier, they are forced to fight for their survival and forced to choose where and what paradise really is.

Creative Team

Writer: Leo Butler
Director: Liam Steel
Cast: Beverley Denim, Leigh Kelly, Chand Martinez, Mark Oliver
Associate Artist: Lawrence Evans
Designer: Louise Ann Wilson
Lighting Designer: Jane Mackintosh
Composer: Nathaniel Reed
Set builders: Philip Barber, Damian Williams
Accent Advice: Jan Haydn Rowles
Voice Consultant & Casting: Bernadette O'Brien
Dramaturg: Rosy Fordham
Education Resources: Michael Judge