Journey to the River Sea

by Carl Miller


Age Advice: 7+

Journey to the River Sea is a play written for Theatre Centre by Carl Miller. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Eva Ibbotson, it was toured to children aged 7+ in primary schools and venues in 2006.

Amazon rhythms beat and the colours of Brazil explode in a vibrant new adaptation of this modern children’s classic. Live music and dance thread through the thrill packed journey of orphan Maia, adrift on the world’s greatest river, forging new friendships amidst life-changing adventures. Packed with colourful characters, laughter and action, this is a tale of children who lead big lives.

A co-production with the Unicorn Theatre.

Creative Team

Writer: Carl Miller
Director: Rosamunde Hutt
Design: Nettie Scriven
Cast: David Smith, Denise Pitter, Donnaleigh Bailey, John Cockerill, Julie Hewlett, Liam Lane, Lucy Rivers, Sam Adams and William Elliott
Lighting Design: Ceri James
Musical Director: Matthew Bailey
Choreographer: Jeanefer Jean-Charles
Movement Director: Lawrence Evans
Voice Consultant: Bernadette O’Brien
Company Stage Manager: Marijke Zwart
Deputy Stage Manager: Nicci Burton
Assistant Stage Manager: Joseph Coelho
Photography: Ben King

The information on this page has been gathered from archive materials. Do you have more information about this play, or were you involved in its production? Let us know by leaving a comment below or contacting us.

"This extraordinary and exhilarating show is as good as Shared Experience's adult productions at their best. [...] This is a show of many colours that is as beautiful and shimmering as the butterflies that haunt the river's banks."

Lyn Gardner - **** The Guardian

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