The Day the Waters Came

"The resources were very helpful in preparing our follow up work...extremely thorough."

Drama Teacher, Court Fields Community School, Somerset

"The students were completely inspired by the performance.The range of techniques and styles used in the play was perfectly suited to the students and the quality of the production was truly impressive."

Drama Teacher, Burnt Mill School, Essex

The whiteboard friendly ideas and activities on this page are designed to deepen the experience of the performance and engage students in further debate, discussion and creative work; they have been created to develop understanding in the areas of Drama and Geography. 

  • Video clips of the damage caused by Katrina, the reality inside the Superdome and perspectives on the Government Response, provide a background of knowledge and will be referenced in the activities outlined in the session plans.
  • Katrina: the facts, is a breakdown of the effects of a hurricane, the economic and human repercussions and information about how hurricanes are formed.
  • The synopsis will be referenced in the session plans and allows students to recap on the narrative of the play.
  • Drama and Geography session plans extend the learning of the performance and encourage students to creatively explore the ideas of the play.
  • The interview with director Natalie Wilson will open up the background of the play and the tradition of documentary/epic theatre, will go into techniques used in rehearsal and explore the commission and development of the play.

Do keep an eye out for the regular interviews that we will be posting on the show pages.