Advice for the Young at Heart

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The whiteboard friendly ideas and activities on this page are designed to deepen the experience of performances of Advice for the Young Heart and engage students in further debate, discussion and creative work. They were created to develop understanding in the areas of Drama and PSHE.

Advice for the Young at Heart toured to schools and theatres in England between September 2013 and February 2014. Now that the production is over, we hope that teachers might like to continue to use and adapt these learning resources.

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  • Video clips (above) of the 2011 riots and interviews from the streets on the Notting Hill 1958 riots provide background knowledge and will be referenced in the activities outlined in the session plans. 
  • The Facts resource contains information about the background of the Notting Hill Riots and a timeline for the riots in 2011.
  • The Synopsis allows students to recap on the narrative of the play.
  • Drama and PSHE plans extend the learning of the performance and encourage students to creatively explore the ideas of the play.

Additional videos

  • A filmed interview with the director Natalie Wilson (above) opens up the background of the play -exploring its commission and development, reflecting on the journeys of the characters and talking about the rehearsal process.
  • A filmed interview with playwright Roy Williams (above) explores Roy's development process and how he creates his characters.

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