#Speak Your Peace


What is #SpeakYourPeace?
This autumn Theatre Centre is producing #SpeakYourPeace - a festival of digital monologues exploring the theme of peace in response to the centenary of the First World War Armistice.

How does it work?
• 5 innovative writers will write 5 short monologues exploring the role of peace in a modern world

• These exciting and original monologues will then be filmed and released as a digital festival on Theatre Centre’s website launching on International Day of Peace (21 September 2018) 

Why take part?
Theatre Centre will produce engaging lesson plans and activities to support teachers and students delve deeper into the #SpeakYourPeace monologues and equip students to write their own monologue in response.

What about the curriculum?
• #SpeakYourPeace directly links to the ‘Writing’ and ‘Spoken English’ topics of the KS3 English curriculum

• The monologues also present a perfect opportunity for cross curricular learning with writers exploring key History, PSHE and Drama curriculum topics


The #SpeakYourPeace competition invites participating schools from across the UK to enter their students’ brilliant monologues to battle it out for a number of fantastic prizes.
What prizes are up for grabs?

• Top 5 student monologues will be filmed and promoted as part of the #SpeakYourPeace digital festival on Theatre Centre’s website

• 1 particularly innovative and exciting monologue will be chosen to headline the digital festival

• The headlining student’s school will receive a performance of our 2019 touring production for free! 

How to sign up?
To sign up to take part in #SpeakYourPeace for free simply email Joseph at joseph@theatre-centre.co.uk and state your school name.

What next?
• Once you’re signed up you’ll receive the #SpeakYourPeace lesson plans

• A timeline of study to support teachers deliver #SpeakYourPeace in the classroom

• An outline of the key themes explored in the monologues

• The 5 original #SpeakYourPeace monologues (digital and written copies)

• Monologues should be submitted no later than the 23rd November