Standpoint is a programme to develop young people’s visionary ideas, cultivate character and create leaders.  Theatre Centre’s programme aims to equip young people from Year 9 upwards with the craft of writing and presenting political speeches, shaping their ideas about the world around them.  Participants will be able to:

  • Identify key characteristics of public speaking
  • Construct coherent and passionate argument
  • Build their confidence in presentation and spoken language

Each Standpoint programme will partner with a blue chip company or institution, giving participants the exclusive opportunity to present their speeches to staff audiences and introduce them to workplaces, making career aspirations tangible and achievable.


Using famous speeches and speakers as our inspiration, participants will learn about the craft and rhetoric of speech-making, understand the purpose and impact of speeches and deliver their individual visions through self-penned speeches to a public audience.  There are 2 scales of programme to fit your needs and budget; a five-session programme which goes into depth around historical and political contexts, participant debate and refining the text and a three-session programme which condenses the process to the active speech-making properties.

Five-Session Programme

  1. Introduction to Political Speeches and public speaking
  2. Great Speakers & Visioning : analysing rhetoric, metaphor and construction, finding your passion, finding your voice
  3. Mapping and Drafting : identifying argument and communicating message
  4. Honing and Redrafting: Building fluency and authority, shaping your public persona
  5. Practice and Presentation : bringing your voice and body to the ideas and the writing

>  Standpoint Presentation in partner workplace

Three-Session Programme

  1. Introduction to Political Speeches and public speaking
  2. Visioning and Drafting
  3. Practice and Presentation

>  Standpoint Presentation in partner workplace

Who is it for?

Standpoint is a proven programme of engagement to improve participant’s knowledge and confidence in developing vision, argument and speaking.  It is best placed in educational enrichment programmes for Gifted and Talented students or those that are looking for opportunities to develop their spoken language skills.  Students that are looking for leadership or performance opportunities would most benefit from being involved.

  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Gifted & Talented
  • SMSC Provision
  • Citizenship enrichment


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Stand Point was developed initially with London's Southbank Centre for the Changing Britain festival. Theatre Centre worked with three London schools to develop their own political speeches for performance in the Clore Ballroom in the Royal Festival Hall.