Horizons - Primary Schools


"Many of our pupils have English as an additional language so any opportunity for them to express themselves orally is very beneficial. All of the pupils were fully engaged and it was also an excellent starting point to stimulate discussion and ideas."

Year 2 Teacher, Berger Primary School, Hackney

"I liked the part where we acted out and got into groups –we got to choose our own characters – I was an electric toothbrush – we got to practise acting so we could do it better."

Year 2 Student, Gayhurst Primary School, Hackney

Horizons 2011 was an opportunity for primary schools to work with the company in a sustained, dynamic and exploratory way. It was designed to offer a creative and professional approach to developing literacy. 

Theatre Centre paired up playwright Rosy Fordham with classes in four Hackney primary schools, with the aim of developing the creative literacy skills of over 100 students.  Year 1 and 2 students from Lauriston Primary School, Berger Primary School, St Dominics C of E School and Gayhurst Primary took part in the project, which was supported by the Mercers Charitable Trust.

Students and teachers watched a live performance of ‘The Unlikely Tales of Molly Moonshine’ by Brendan Murray, followed by 2 story workshops led by Rosy Fordham and the class teacher and a repeat visit of ‘Molly Moonshine’, who returned to read the children’s creations back to them  in character.

Through presenting a live performance and bringing a professional writer into their classroom, Theatre Centre aimed to enrich the learning happening in the classroom and boost the skills of both teachers and students. Horizons 2011 aimed to push children’s ambition to want to share their stories; to engage with speaking, writing and subsequently reading.