CASTING: The Muddy Choir by Jesse Briton

We are looking for three versatile and skilled actors proficient in choral/acappella singing for our national tour this autumn.

The Muddy Choir - Casting Breakdown                                                                      

Written by Jesse Briton

Produced by Theatre Centre

Directed by Natalie Wilson


Rehearsals: 13th August – 12th September 2018

Opening: Redbridge Drama Centre on 13th September 2018

National Tour: from 13th September – 23rd November 2018


The Play

It’s November 1917 and the Third Battle of Ypres is lurching towards its bloody conclusion. Young soldiers Will, Robbie and Jumbo are thrust into a landscape starkly different to the playing fields and estates of their Sunderland home. When the trio’s singing causes a disturbance up the line they face unwelcome attention from their commanding officers. Is music their ticket away from the front, as Robbie dreams, or will the passion it brings about prove more dangerous than bullets and gas?

A new play by Jesse Briton (Bound, The Pupil, Josephine) marking the centenary of WW1.



The three young male characters come from Sunderland in North East England and are conscripted to the Durham Light Infantry.  They are all aged 18 years old.


A pragmatic young man who is looking to protect himself and his friends from the front line.  He is willing to compromise his moral values if it will mean gaining privileges and safety.  He plays by the rules and takes any opportunity he can see to improve the chances of survival.  He is loyal, grounded and rational.  He is under immense pressure in the play to stay measured and collected but there is always a danger that he will break apart and reveal his anger and vulnerability

Male actor, playing age 16-25, medium build and average physique.  Methodical and considered.


A dreamer who wears his heart on his sleeve. 

Demoralised by the futility of war, he escapes from the discomfort and terror of the trenches with jokes, quips and a love of singing.  He dreams of fame and celebrity and a utopian life after the war.  His character is naively vain, vibrant and full of possibility with a light, sparky energy.  He is uncompromising, unrealistic and transparent.

Male actor, playing age 16-25, small to medium build with preferably a wiry physique. Flighty, petulant, passionate.


A simple young man who is honest and true.

He is the lost soul of the play.  He is tortured by the idea of killing another person and simply wants all the fighting to stop.  Increasingly on the edge, he is losing his battle for survival and sanity.  He is a soft and simple character that has usually followed the crowd: unremarkable despite his size.  However, he has the capacity to be stubborn and single-minded and will follow his own path to retain his sense of self and uphold his values, whatever the consequences.

Male actor, playing age 16-25, heavy set/ tall physique rather than overweight.  Vulnerable, humble and child-like.


We are looking for three versatile and skilled actors that have a proficiency in choral/acappella singing.  An ability to do a North East accent is required although accent coaching will be available.


First Round Auditions: Monday 9th July to Wednesday 11th July 2018

Recalls (singing): Friday 13th July 2018

Venue: The Morris Space at The Park Theatre, Finsbury Park


Submission Deadline: Wednesday 27th June 2018

All actors will be engaged on Equity/ITC contracts and paid above Equity minimum rate.

Submissions and queries to Angela Wachner at