Cultivating confidence and character: Standpoint 2018

31 July 2018

Even for many adults, the art of public speaking is a daunting task (What to do with your hands? Where to look? How fast to speak?).
However being able to confidently address an audience no matter how big or small, is an often overlooked, yet vital life skill. 
Being able to speak confidently and clearly opens doors and raises aspirations. Students that learn public speaking improve their performance across the curriculum and consistently go on to do better in life. However despite the advantages in education and beyond, schools and teachers have few resources to help them develop this in pupils.
With this in mind we developed Standpoint, a programme that improves pupils’ confidence and communication skills through the crafting of a political speech which is read out in front of an audience. Over a series of workshops, we challenged students at Duke’s Aldridge Academy to write a speech on a topic they chose. The subject could have been anything they wanted - the only criteria being that they must be passionate about it. 
From there we helped them craft their speeches using rhetorical devices, working with them on delivery techniques before standing up in front of an invited audience at international law firm Linklaters
Topics ranged from the dangers of social media to the Grenfell Tower disaster and for many pupils it was their first time speaking in front of an unfamiliar audience.
Shugri, a student at Duke's said “I enjoyed the entertaining sessions that helped me create my own speech. Performing my speech and getting feedback from the audience is a unique opportunity and gives you a sense of pride once you have performed.”
If you are interested in bringing Standpoint to your school or becoming a sponsor of the project, please get in touch. ‚Äč