Theatre Centre: An Artsmark Partner

18 April 2018

Theatre Centre is an Artsmark Partner
Theatre Centre is a proud Artsmark partner, supporting your school’s commitment to high quality art and cultural engagement. Our projects and productions are designed to enrich, develop and strengthen your school’s arts and culture provision, celebrating creativity and its many benefits to your students’ social, moral, cultural and spiritual growth.

Theatre Centre’s productions and projects can help to support you becoming an Artsmark School in a number of ways:

  • As a leading children’s and young people’s theatre company with a 65 year pedigree, working with Theatre Centre demonstrates that your school values quality and diversity in the arts.
  • By bringing transformative live theatre and projects into your school and offering additional opportunities to engage with us through workshops and Q&As, working with Theatre Centre demonstrates arts and culture is embedded into your curriculum.
  • Cross-curricular links and thoughtfully designed teaching resources made by a professional touring company help to support teacher development. Theatre Centre also offers bespoke CPD workshops tailor made to meet the individual needs of partner schools.
  • Theatre Centre is committed to giving children and young people a voice through art, empowering leadership and inspiring activism. We are eager to partner with schools to ensure the arts are fully embedded in the learning of every child.
  • Our shows and projects explore varied and global themes, with recent showings dealing with gender, racism and peace. Our castings also reflect of the diversity of our society and as a national touring company, we believe all children and young people deserve to experience transformative theatre, no matter their circumstances and no matter where they live.
  • We are committed to supporting schools and young people understanding the life-long benefits of the arts, including workshops which explore creative careers. Theatre Centre believes the arts can be used to raise student aspiration, to empower leadership and activism, and encourage greater engagement in their local community.

If you would like more information about how Theatre Centre can support you in becoming an Artsmark school please contact our Participation Producer Joseph Raynor or call 0207 729 3066.