50 Best Plays for Young Audiences

29 September 2016

We’re over the moon to have an incredible nine Theatre Centre productions featured in Aurora Metro Books’ 50 Best Plays for Young Audiences, celebrating the pioneers who helped established and nurture Theatre for Young Audiences.

The book, edited by Vicky Ireland and Paul Harman, charts over fifty years of theatre dedicated to children and young people and includes detailed listings of the most influential work in this field. Exploring the progress made and changes in attitudes towards the arts in education, the book is a brilliant guide for students, teachers and theatre-lovers alike.

The Theatre Centre productions selected are:

PEACEMAKER by David Holman for the 1982;

CHAIRPERSON by Geoff Bullen for the 1981;

UNDER EXPOSURE by Lisa Evans for the 1983:

GETTING THROUGH by Nona Sheppard and Bryony Lavery for the 1985;

BRETEVSKI STREET by Lin Coghlan for the 1994;

WHISPERS IN THE DARK by Noel Grieg for the 1987;

HOW HIGH IS UP by Brendan Murray for the 1995;

SOULS by Roy Williams for the 2000;

JUMPING ON MY SHADOW by Peter Rumney for the 2001; 

You can read more about the book and purchase it here.